Best Free CDN Plugins For WordPress Users

In my previous post we are discussed about why to choose CDN for your WordPress Blog ?

Now in this post we are going to listed some best free CDN plugins.  Which can boost your website speed several percentage.


List of Best Free CDN Pluigns For WordPress


jsDelivr is a free public CDN that hosts javascript libraries and jQuery plugins, including all of the files that need to work (css/png). It even hosts javascript files that use popular WordPress plugins, like WP SlimStat. Basically if a lot of websites use it then we probably can host it.

With this plugin you can automatically integrate their super fast CDN into your website without the trouble of editing your code and searching for the correct URLs. Just update and then scan your website for files that can be loaded from their CDN.


CloudFlare has developed a plugin for WordPress. By using the CloudFlare WordPress Plugin, you receive 1) Correct IP Address information for comments posted to your site and 2) Better protection as spammers from your WordPress blog get reported to CloudFlare. Any website with a root domain (ie can use CloudFlare.


With Cloudinary, all your images are automatically uploaded, normalized, optimized and backed-up in the cloud instead of being hosted on your servers. Even you can stop messing around with image editors. Cloudinary can manipulate and transform your images online, on-the-fly, directly from your WordPress console. Enhance your images using every possible filter and effect you can think of. All manipulations are done in the cloud using super-powerful hardware, and all resulting images are cached, optimized (smushed and more) and delivered via a lightning fast content delivery network (CDN).

Bluehat CDN

This plugin offers loss-less image optimization, JavaScript/CSS compression, parallel download optimization, database optimization and much more! It also supports offloading your static media files to various cloud delivery networks including, Blue Hat Cloud Delivery Network, Amazon CloudFront, and Rackspace CloudFiles.


By using this plugin you will have no change to your originating IPs when using Incapsula. Incapsula acts as a reverse proxy and all incoming connections to your website first pass through one of Incapsula’s servers. This plugin will ensure that you continue to see the real originating IP of your website visitors.


Typically, you have to pay a lot of money every month to use a CDN. No longer. Azadify CDN is a 100% free, fast, and full-featured CDN that offers you unlimited bandwidth and HTTPS (SSL) support… for free. The Azadify CDN WordPress plugin helps you to quickly and easily integrate Azadify’s 100% free CDN with WordPress websites.

Rackspace CDN

Syncs and serves all of your WordPress media via Rackspace’s Cloud Files CDN. You can sync the media and keep it on your local server (using disk space on both your local server and the CDN) or you can opt to remove media from your local server once it has been synced to the CDN (saving you disk space and bandwidth at your hosting provider, reducing your costs).


Swarmify provides a seamless (behind the scenes) real time network of your surfers so that they serve content to each other (and only each other while they’re on your site). For every image that your surfers serve to each other that is content that is not served via your host and therefore you save money. If you’re already using a CDN you can simply add Swarmify to your existing CDN.

Bootstrap CDN

BootstrapCDN is a free and public content delivery network. Users of BootstrapCDN can load CSS, JavaScript and images remotely, from its servers. Bootstrap uses NetDNA’s global content delivery network, which makes websites using its service resilient to unexpected surges in web traffic.

Jetpack Photon



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